How we can add blogging functionality in Drupal website?

  • Go to modules
  • There will be a module for blog, enable it and click on save configure

Now blogging facility is enable in our website.
Now we learn, How can we write a blog?

  • Go to add content
  • There will be three links, click on blog entry
  • It will open a form, filled it properly.
  • And save them and check on website, blog will appear on website. And if any person want to comment on the blog, can be.

If any person want to see all blog in website can visit ‘/blog’. And if you want to add it in menu:

  • Go to structure then menu
  • Click on add link in main menu
  • It will open a form, filled it and save

And now go to home and can check blog menu will appear in primary menu.

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