Choosing the correct Network Simulator 2 version

Most of the times researchers try to install the latest version of the tool on which they are working but this should not be the case while working on NS2. During the development of NS2 some patches of particular applications are created by researchers for the version that was latest at that time. But those patches may not work directly with other versions of NS2. Hence one should always select a proper version depending upon ones area. Here are some of the research areas and corresponding NS2 versions and Patches.

  1. Area-Cognitive Radio Networks    :::::::::::::       NS2 version – NS2.31    :::::  Patches- CRCN and CRAHN
  2. Area-Vehicular networks                  :::::::::::::       NS2 version- NS2.34    :::::  Patch    – DSRC
  3. Area-Sensor networks                       :::::::::::::       NS2 version- NS2.35    :::::  Patch    – Mannasim

All the patches can work on all the versions but it is quite difficult for researchers to integrate the patches in other versions. For that one needs depth knowledge of most of the source codes. Hence it is wise to select the version of NS2 for which the patch was created.

Raghavendra Pal

I have completed in Electronics and communication Engineering from Tezpur University, Assam in 2014. M.Tech in Communication systems from Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad in 2016. Currently pursuing Ph.D. in the domain of Wireless communication.

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