Control Light Bulb using Android phone


How to control 220v bulb with Android using Arduino, Relay, and Bluetooth. This is no more a dream to control lights and other electric appliances using your smartphone. Although this is a science project (you can also call it Arduino project or electronic project) you can make for your school project or college project.

Let’s look at the components you required to build this project yourself:

  1. Arduino Uno R3: Amazon FlipKart
  2. Bluetooth Module: Amazon FlipKart
  3. 4 Channel Relay for Arduino: Amazon FlipKart
  4. LED Bulb: Amazon FlipKart
  5. Jumper wires: Amazon FlipKart
  6. 2 pin flexible wire: Amazon

Download “Download APK file” – Downloaded 95 times – 1 MB

Download “Download source code” – Downloaded 99 times – 370 B

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Pursuing Diploma in Electronics from RBS govt. polytechnic college, Bichpuri, Agra. He loves to play with electronics equipment. He makes electronics project for Learn By Watch and helps other electronics students to build electronics projects for science fairs and exhibition.


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