DIY Explosion Box Tutorial

In this video, we show you how to make heart explosion box. Which is look like a small and simple box from outside, but when it open, it explodes and lots of cards which we can assemble in it get to pop out with lots of old memorable pictures.
to make this box card, all we need is three red and two black chart papers, glue, scale, and scissors.
take a red chart paper and cut it into the shape of the box and stick it, now take a black chart paper and make a cape of the red box.
similarly, make four make boxes but smaller than the previous one and with alternate color.
now stick these box one over other, bigger one in the base and smaller one on the top.
in last stick, your handmade cards in it with pictures and lots of feelings.
let’s make this love gift box with beautiful memories and gift it you loved ones.
You can gift this beautiful explosion box to your loved ones on its birthday, anniversary, wedding and other special occasions.

now watch this video and try to make it on your own at your home.

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