Doremon Almirah (DIY)

sometimes we forget where we place some small things. so, In this video, we show you how to make a small almirah by using waste a cardboard box,
all we need is a waste cardboard box, a colored chart paper, double-sided tape, and glue.
take a cardboard box and cut one opening edge of the box. cover it with chart paper as shown in the video. now make segments in the box by placing more cardboard pieces, and fix them by using double-sided tape.decorate it with some stickers. and your almirah is ready to use.
you can use this almirah to store small things like keys, colors, and wools etc.
our this video helps you to organize your important items by this beautiful DOREMON ALMIRAH.
it keeps your things safe and let’s see how to make a small and mini almirah.
watch this video and make mini almirah don’t forget to share with us.

Make this DOREMON ALMIRAH at your home and share with us.…

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