Drupal 7 theme basics

After watching this video you will be able to:

  • We use to change look & feel of website, is called theme.
    Here we are talking about appearance of our website. If you want to change look & feel :

    • Go to appearance, it will open a page having two tab list and setting:
    • In list, there will be two sections:
      • Enabled theme(It is a theme which is currently enable in your website)
        • Default set theme(Appearing to visitor on your website)
        • Not Default set theme(You can applied it to your website)
      • Disabled theme(It is a theme which exist in Drupal but not enable in website)

    If you want to change theme, go to enabled theme and click on set default link of the theme which you want to set.
    You can set disable theme also but you have to enable them first. To enable the theme click on the enable link given below to theme.
    And also can do with the link ‘enable and set default’, if you want to set it also.

    Whenever you do any administrative tasks, it will does on administrative theme like as click on structure, it will open a overlay.
    These overlays are on different theme.

    We can choose different-different administrative theme by selecting a theme in drop down menu given at the bottom of appearance page.
    Is it possible to make different-different theme for administrative and node create & edit ? Yes, it is possible.

    • Go to the option given below to the drop down of administrative theme, and unchecked it.
    • When node is created or content is created, the administrative theme will not be use.

    You can also do disable the enable theme by click on disable link of the theme.


Dr. Yogendra Pal

Ph.D. (IIT Bombay), M.Tech., B.Tech. (CSE) Dr. Yogendra Pal finished his Ph.D. from Educational Technology department at IIT Bombay. Mr. Pal holds B.Tech. and M.Tech. Degrees in Computer Science and Engineering. His interests include programming, web development, graphic design and educational technology.

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