Drupal 8 installation on localhost


After watching this video you are able to :

  • This video shows how to install Drupal 8 on localhost. Localhost was created using XAMPP.
  • You can also create a web development environment by watching this video ( https://youtu.be/8q_m8pSLmsE).After watching this video you will be able to-
    – Install Drupal 8 on localhost
    – Obtain latest Drupal 8 version from Drupal.org website
    – Bring the compressed Drupal 8 files to htdocs folder in XAMPP
    – Increase Max Execution Time of Apache server using php.ini
    – Change the host of a database from any to localhost.
    – Set site settings of newly installed drupal 8Drupal 8 is the new version of Drupal content management system. You can create almost any kind of website using Drupal 8.


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