Handmade Pen Pencil Holder (DIY)

in this video, we make a pen/pencil holder which is made up of waste cardboard rolls. it makes your table clean and in an organized manner. it is beautiful, simple and easy to make.
in this video, we use three cardboard rolls, some ice-cream sticks(for the base) and few marble pieces. before start making it, first, apply a base coat of white color on cardboard rolls and ice-cream sticks so the colors on the cardboard will appear brightly. also, apply the base coat on the inner sides of the cardboard rolls.and leave it to get dry.
after that write some motivational messages on it using a permanent marker and then stick it on the ice-cream stick base.leave it for 10 minutes and the stick the marbles on the rest of the free space.
now watch this video and try to make it on your own at your home.
also, join us on our facebook group.

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