Handmade Wall Hanging shelf (DIY)

you can make many things by using waste materials.here In this video, we show you how to use newspaper and to make a wall hanging shelf.
you can use to store your things safe and synchronized.all you just need is lots of newspapers and cardboard.
the first step is to make straws using newspapers. then cut a piece of cardboard and wrap it using newspaper.
the second step is to make a frame like structure and stick more straws diagonally on it. a net is formed.then fold it from both the side and stick that structure on the cardboard. your one basket is ready.
now again using the same procedure, make another basket. the last step is to stick both the basket using the straws.

this shelf makes your home neat and clean, and well synchronized.
use this shelf to store things like chart papers, wool, toys, and other things.

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