Home made indoor lord shiva waterfall

On this occasion of Mahashivaratri if you are looking for something new or to make this festival special.here, in this video we video we make a beautiful lord shiva waterfall showpiece in few simple steps.
to make this Shivaratri special waterfall of Lord Shiva we need-
a bowl, glue gun, three diya, a thermacol piece, few marble pieces, brush to color, fabric colors, and a Shivling.

take bowl and thermacol, cut the bottom of the thermacol to fix it into the bowl. now take the Diya and color them golden and leave them to get dry. now make more holes into the thermacol to fix the diya into it.now color the thermacol and bowl.
by using a glue gun, stick the marble on the edges of the bowl.
now, at last, using the glue gun make the waterfall from top to the end. and your waterfall is ready.
you can use it as a showpiece, gift, and can also place it in your temple.
watch the video and Try to make this Lord Shiva indoor waterfall at your home and share with us.
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Best of luck…!!!

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