How to Develop Self-Confidence

I refer two videos to find out the answer to the question – “How to develop self-confidence” OR “How to improve self-confidence”. In this video, I am presenting my findings from these videos and I will also relate these findings with my own experience and tweak them to use them on yourself. I believe that this video will help you to boost your self-confidence.

Below is the link to all the resources I mentioned in this video. I encourage you to go through all the links to get more knowledge about the topic before you take any decision.

1. Dr. Ivan Joseph’s video on The skill of self-confidence:
2. Gaur Gopal Das’s video on self-confidence:

You can also buy a book titled “you got this” by Ivan Joseph:

Watch Muhammad Ali I am the greatest video:

How to handle failure:

Here is what I learned after watching these two videos.
1. Repeat – Repeat – Repeat
2. Self Talk
3. Catch yourself, when you are correct
4. Interpret feedback, in a positive manner
5. Update yourself to the next version


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