How to make a Static Website


Static websites are easy to make and easy to maintain. You need to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make a beautiful and interactive static website.

You can create a static website by creating static webpages. You can create a static web page with the help of Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML. HTML decides the structure of a webpage, with the help of HTML you can create headings, tables, lists and other elements that define the structure of your webpage. You can also embed multimedia elements like images, video, audio and animation with the help of HTML. You can learn HTML from my course “Yogi’s Guide to HTML”.

Once you decide the structure of your web page you might want to make it look beautiful. You can use CSS or Cascading Style Sheets to decide the look n feel of web pages. This means you need to learn CSS to give a nice look to your website. You can learn CSS from my course “Yogi’s Guide to CSS”.

Sometimes you might want to add some interactivity in your webpage. This can be done with the help of JavaScript. You can learn JavaScript from my course “Yogi’s Guide to JavaScript”.

So, if you want to make static websites you should learn at least these three languages HTML, CSS and JavaScript. First you should learn HTML then you can learn CSS and finally you will learn JavaScript. Once you learn these three languages you can build nice websites and the good thing is that with the help of these three languages you can also make apps for android and iOS devices.


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