“I am in hurry, my exams are near please teach me fast so that I can perform great in examination”. This line is one of the frequent line by most of the students.

In this video Mr. Yogendra Pal want to answer all students who are in hurry just because they wasted their lot of time. This motivational video will help a lot of students to perform better in their study and life.

We hope that this video will be beneficial for most of you. You will know how to study and how to plan your study.

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Ph.D. (IIT Bombay), M.Tech., B.Tech. (CSE)
Dr. Yogendra Pal finished his Ph.D. from Educational Technology department at IIT Bombay. Mr. Pal holds B.Tech. and M.Tech. Degrees in Computer Science and Engineering. His interests include programming, web development, graphic design and educational technology.

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