Build a Basic Website for your Business with Drupal 8

This learning path is designed for you if you want to create a simple website for your business or organization. It does not matter if you are a doctor, lawyer, NGO owner, school owner or running any other kind of business, this learning path will help you.


How to setup localhost or web development environment using XAMPP

You need a development environment in order to create a website. Fortunately, you can create a website on your laptop/computer before shifting it to the internet. XAMPP helps you to create a development environment on your local machine.


Drupal 8 installation on localhost

Install Drupal 8 on a local development environment, also known as localhost. It will create default Drupal 8 website on localhost that we can modify in further tutorials.


Drupal 8 interface

Now, you have installed Drupal 8 on your local system. Let's understand about its interface so that we can work on it.


Create a first content in Drupal 8

Now we have successfully installed Drupal 8 on localhost, we can start creating content. Your website is a collection of content like the home page, about page, features page etc. So, create content and start building your website.


Web Hosting for Students

We made a special hosting environment suitable for Drupal development.

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