How to make emoji using egg (DIY)

eggshells can be used in many ways to make a craft. In this video, we show you how to make emoji using eggshells.these emoji are cute, small, and attractive. it is also easy to make within few minutes.
so without wasting your let’s see how to make emoji using egg shells.
you need egg shells, fabric colors, brush, and googly eyes.
first, clean the shells and color a base coat on it so the color will appear brightly. now apply yellow fabric color and leave it to get dry. after drying make emoji faces on it by using a black marker or black fabric color. again leave it to get dry.
in the same way, you can also make minions. let’s see how to make minions/ emoji.
you can decorate your study desk, you can gift these minions your friends etc.

let us see how to make these cute looking emoji and minions at your home and share with us.…

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