Make Jet Plane using Cardboard at Your Home (DIY)

Our channel is celebrating this Republic, On the occasion of Republic day. we are showing you how to make a jet plane.
it looks so nice and attractive. it is so easy to make.
for this, you need a cardboard sheet, some colors, an Indian flag, glue gun, some tissue paper, and scissor.
the first step is cut two same sizes of the basic shape of the jet plane (which is the middle part of the jet) and paste them. then cut the hands of the plane and stick it on both the sides. now apply a layer of tissue paper and glue. and at last, give details in it and paste the Indian flag on the jet.
let’s watch the video and see how to make the jet plane in just a few simple steps.
You use this as your science model.Try to make this model at your home.So Watch this video.


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