Make Moon surface at Home (DIY)

In this video, we make a dummy of moon surface on which our Indian astronaut is standing.
things to be used-
2- fevicol
3- colors
4- cardboard sheet
5- an image of the earth
6- few pieces of thermacol
7- tissue papers
make a paste of POP, fevicol, tissue papers and water.take a rectangle cardboard sheet and apply a thin layer of the paste on it. leave it for one night to get dry.then color it.
now take another sheet of cardboard and color it black.stick the image of the earth in the middle. fold it from the center and stick the moon surface. place the Indian astronaut with the Indian flag.

you can make this model for your school project. let us see how to make moon surface model.

Make this Moon Surface at your home and share with us.

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