Make a Newspaper Waterfall Showpiece at Your Home (DIY)

On this video, we show you how to make waterfall showpiece.
we make this showpiece by using waste newspaper and is easy to make.Looking so beautiful.Low in cost.

for this, you need cardboard, glue, newspaper, and paper.
first, make straws using newspapers. make three circular disks from it. make more straws and make two pots. now color these all.
make a cylinder and paint it yellow. take a square cardboard and paint it yellow.stick cylinder on the cardboard.
now stick these pots and disk on the cylinder by using a glue gun. at last, decorate these whole using pearls.
your showpiece is can use this showpiece to decorate your room, table, or you can gift it to your friends.
let’s watch this video. and make your own showpiece and share with us.

Try to make it by yourself at your home.So watch this video.

Make this Newspaper Waterfall Showpiece at your home and share with us.…

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