How to make a phone case at your home (DIY)

By watching our this video you will learn how to make a mobile cover and how to make mobile look pretty.
this cover makes your mobile beautiful and attractive.

to make this photo frame you need waste newspapers, glue, fabric color, brush and quilling flowers.
take a glitter foam sheet, and it as of the same size of your mobile.your base of the cover is formed. cut a stripe from the same foam sheet. stick this strip on the side of the mobile cover.
make holes in the cover for the camera and speakers.
now take sticker of your favorite cartoon character and stick it on the white foam sheet. cut the foam sheet in the shape of the sticker and decorate it with sticking pearls. in the way, make a bow.
stick the sticker and bow on the back side of the cover.
your mobile cover is ready to use.

you can use this cover to make your mobile safe and good can also gift this pretty mobile cover to your friend as a gift.
so watch this video and make your photos safe by this beautiful photo frame.

as like this video, we make many tutorials on the craft by using the waste materials.
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Make this beautiful, cute looking and attractive mobile cover at your home and share with us.…

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