Make Satellite model using Cardboard at Home (DIY)

In this video, we show you how to make a satellite model in such an easy way.
to make this we need-
cardboard, aluminum foil, and A4 sheet paper.
let us make this, so first, we need to a paper into a half semicircle and stick from the corners. cut a cardboard in a small circle shape and paste it into the base as shown in the video. now make a box by using cardboard and cover it with aluminum foil and make two holes on opposite sides.
now take two rectangle shape cardboard sheets, cover it with white paper and stick some small pieces of blue paper on it.stick these two cardboard sheets into that box. also stick that semicircle on that box. and color it.your satellite is ready.
you can use this satellite as your school science project and can make your room more attractive.
So, let’s watch this video.

Make this Satellite Model at your home and share with us.…

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