Open a Lock using Arduino and Android

You can Open or Close a lock using your smartphone. All you need is an Arduino, Bluetooth module and servo motor.

In this video, we are going to show you how to make an arduino project for home automation to open or close door using Arduino. Write a program to take input from Android smartphone and open or close the door based on the data received from smartphone.

Download “Download APK file” – Downloaded 2924 times – 2 MB

Required Material to make it yourself

Vivek Verma

Pursuing Diploma in Electronics from RBS govt. polytechnic college, Bichpuri, Agra. He loves to play with electronics equipment. He makes electronics project for Learn By Watch and helps other electronics students to build electronics projects for science fairs and exhibition.

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  1. where is the source code

  2. Tnx

    1. And the APK file or it’s link … thank you !

  3. please send me the source code

  4. Can u please send the Source code ??

  5. Can you please send me the Source code ??
    My Email is

  6. pleas send source code
    my email address;

  7. is it secured?? does anyone have access to your door? if not
    how can you set the number of users on you door

  8. is it secured? does anyone who have that app have access to your door?if not how can you add the number of user on your system

  9. Pls send me this project app to

  10. can u please send me the coding

  11. Sir I need code for this project sir

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