Communication Systems Video Tutorial by R K Thenua

In this video book author will teach you everything related to digital and analog communication. The Information provided in this video book will not only help you in academics but also help you in competitive examinations like GATE, UGC-NET etc.

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Unit-1: Introduction to Communication, Need of Modulation, Communication Channels, Need of Fourier Transform, Band limiting Process, Properties of Fourier Transform, Concept of Modulation, Classification of Modulation, Amplitude Modulation, Single tone AM, Tutorial-1, Tutorial-2, Tutorial-3, Multi-tone AM, Tutorial-4.

Unit-2: AM Modulator Square Law Modulator, Demodulation of AM Square Law Demodulator, Demodulation of AM Envelope Detector, Importance of Amplitude Sensitivity, Demodulation of AM Synchronous detector, DSBSC Modulation, Tutorial-5, Generation of DSBSC Balanced Modulator, Generation of DSBSC Ring Modulator, Demodulation of DSBSC Synchronous detector, Quadrature Carrier Multiplexing, Demodulation of DSBSC Costas Receiver, SSB Modulation, Generarion of SSB frequency discrimination method, Generarion of SSB Phase discrimination method, Demodulation of SSB Synchronous detector, VSB Modulation, Frequency Division Multiplexing.

Unit-3: Angle Modulation, General Expression of FM signal, Narrow band Frequency Modulation, Wide band Frequency Modulation, Spectrum and power of WBFM, Carson's Rule, Tutorial-6, Tutorial-7, Tutorial-8, Direct method of FM generation Hartley Oscillator method, In-direct method of FM generation Armstrong method, Demodulation of FM Slope and Balanced slope detector, Demodulation of FM PLL detector, Phase Modulation, Tutorial-9.

Unit-4: Radio Transmitters Introduction and Classification, AM Transmitter, FM Transmitter, Mixer, Receivers AM-TRF, Receiver Characteristics, Superhetrodyne Receiver, Image frequency and IRR, Tutorial-10, FM Receiver, Pre-emphasis and De-emphasis.

Unit-5: Noises, Noise in CW Modulation Systems, FOM DSBSC Receiver, FOM AM Receiver using Envelope detector, FOM SSB Receiver, FOM FM Receiver, Tutorial-11.

Unit-6: Pulse Amplitude Modulation, Pulse Width Modulation, Demodulation of PWM, Pulse Position Modulation, Pulse Code Modulation, Sampling theorem, Anti-aliasing filter, Quantization, Companding, Noise in PCM, Signal to Quantization Noise Ratio, Time Division Multiplexing, Differential Pulse Code Modulation, Delta Modulation, Errors in Delta Modulation, Adaptive Delta Modulation, Line Coding.

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