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My First Interaction with C Programming (Hindi)


In this video tutorial series, author Yogendra Pal introduces you to the basic & advanced concepts of programming using C programming language. C programming is a perfect programming language in your way to be a good software engineer.

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Chapter 1

Introduction to computers, memory, data, information measurement concepts, programming language types, program development, History of C, Compiler, Interpreter, linker, libraries.

Chapter 2

Installation of the compiler, First C program, Command Line Interface, Integrated Development Environment, C Character Set, use of Comments, Escape Sequence, Identifiers, Keywords, Data Types, char, Type declaration, Input output instructions, Floating point, Working with data, Character constant, Integer, Integer constants.

Chapter 3

Arithmetic operator, Assignment operator, Compound assignment operator, Unary operators, Decrement operators, Increment operator, Sizeof( ), Type Casting, Operator precedence.

Chapter 4

if Statement, relational operator, Logical operator, Multiple statements, if-else statements, Nested if-else, Switch statements, Conditional operator, Operator precedence.

Chapter 5

Looping Statements, while loop, ++i or i++, break & continue statement, Nested while, for loop, do-while loop.

Chapter 6

General form, Function call, call by value, call by reference, function prototype, global variable, scope rules, header file, recursion.

Chapter 7

Introduction, Initialization, Character Array, More About Array, Multidimensional Array, Initialization, Accessing Elements.

Chapter 8

Pointer, Pointer operations, pointer and functions, pointer arithmetic, pointer and array, pass array to a function, character pointer, array of pointers, pointer to pointer.

Chapter 9

Structure, Nested structure, Structure and functions, Pass components separately, Pass sturcture, pass pointer to structure, typedef( ).

Chapter 10

Union, Bit-wise operator, Bit-fields & Enumeration.

Chapter 11

Files, file in C, file open mode, read & write a file, sequential access file, random access file.

Chapter 12

long integer, short integer, signed and unsigned integer, signed and unsigned character, float, double, long double.

Chapter 13

Automatic, Static, External and Register.

Chapter 14

Preprocessor, preprocessor directives, Macro Expansion, why and where use macros, Macros with arguments, Macros vs. Functions, File inclusion, conditional compilation.

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