Saturated Solution – Can water dissolve any amount of a substance?

Today, Vandana challenged me about a science project. I got to know about saturated solutions because of her challenge.

I challenge you for a science experiment

I believed that a fixed amount of water can dissolve any amount of sugar while she believed that a fixed amount of water can dissolve a fixed amount of sugar.

What’s your opinion?

Science Experiment

In order to find out the correct answer, we took a glass of water and some amount of sugar.

Glass and Sugar

Then we keep on mixing sugar into water.Mix sugar in water Some amount of sugar easily dissolved into the water, I was about to win, but then sugar stopped dissolving into the water. See in the glass below, can you see non-dissolved sugar?

Non-dissolved sugar in water

I lost the challenge :(. But I got to know that

if we take fixed quantity of water, only a fixed quantity of sugar can be dissolved in it!

I think that not only sugar but any dissolvable substance will have a fixed quantity that will dissolve in a given fixed quantity of water.

Will you check this for me?

Please try this test with other dissolvable substances and do tell me your experiences in the comments section below.

Try to dissolve salt and baking soda

Saturated Solution

Vandana told me that when a substance is dissolved in the water, the mixture is called solution but when that substance cannot dissolve further, the solution is known as Saturated Solution.

What did I learn today?

  • A fixed amount of water can dissolve only a fixed amount of dissolvable substance.
  • The mixture of dissolvable substance and water is called the solution.
  • When a substance cannot dissolve further in the solution, the solution is known as Saturated Solution.

Unanswered questions

ConfusedI still have many questions like “How does a substance dissolve in water?”, “How can only a few amounts of substance dissolve in water?” I will ask these questions in class. Do you have some questions? Tell me in the comment, I will ask these questions too and tell you in some other post.

Dr. Yogendra Pal

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