Top 10 tips to improve English Communication skills

In this Video, Shalu Pal will explain you “Top 10 tips to improve communication Skills”. Now-a-days English is must for everyone to get job or in achieving success.

By following this simple tips you can easily improve your speaking, listening and writing skills.

Hope you will like it!

1. Reading: Make a habit of reading. Read books, newspaper, novel etc.

2. Watching: Watch TV shows, movies, news to improve your listening skills and improve vocabulary.

3. Listening: Listen to music and radio station will help you in gaining fluency and better pronunciation.

4. Use dictionary: Use dictionary to improve your vocabulary. Read at least 15-20 word everyday.

5. Speaking: Speak with your friends, family and relatives. Speaking more and more in English will make you fluent in English communication.

6. Chatting: Develop routine habit to chat in English with your friends, family and colleagues. It will improve your writing skills.

7. Coaching: If you are new to English and knows nothing about it than join nearby English coaching institute so that you can learn grammar, sentence formation and English composition. They train you from basic English to advance English.

8. Practicing: Practicing is must to attain fluency in communication. You can practice through group discussion, debate, extempore, and speech with your friends and colleagues.

9. Writing: Make a habit of writing. You can write personal events, information or memories in your diary or in personal laptop to improve your writing skills.

10. Blogging: If you are fond of writing then you can make your blogger account to write various article of your interest and also make money.

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