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Turn Light On Off with Clap using Arduino

How fascinating is it to control home appliances with clap? Everybody wants it for their home. Now, you can make one yourself for your home. Just read this post, watch this video and try to make one. If you still face any problem, let us know in the comment. You can also make one for a science fair.


  1. You should have basic knowledge of how to write source code to Arduino, for that you can watch this video: How to Connect an Arduino to PC or Laptop

What are the required components?

  1. Arduino Uno R3: Amazon FlipKart
  2. Bluetooth Module: Amazon FlipKart
  3. 4 Channel Relay for Arduino: Amazon FlipKart
  4. LED Bulb: Amazon FlipKart
  5. Jumper wires: AmazonFlipKart
  6. 2 pin flexible wire: Amazon

Arduino Source code

int Torelay = 13;
int soundsensor = 7; 
boolean state = false;

void setup()
pinMode(Torelay, OUTPUT);
pinMode(soundsensor, INPUT);

void loop(){
if (digitalRead(soundsensor) == LOW)
  state = !state;  //Toggle state value
  digitalWrite(Torelay, state); //set relay value to true or false.

Download “Arduino Clap Light Control Source Code” trun-light-on-off.zip – Downloaded 644 times – 308 B

Required Material to make it yourself