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Top 10 Tips to Improve English Communication Skills

Shalu Pal

Published on November 10, 2016

What is communication skills: it means being able to interact with others. It is one of the best skills a person can develop. Someone who can effectively communicate thoughts ideas and feeling is better equipped for success both on the job and in personal relationships. This article presents top 10 tips to improve your communication skills.

  1. Reading: Reading is the first and most important step in improving your communication skills. Start reading books of English so that it can help you in improving your speaking skills and also start reading news paper so that you should have knowledge and opinions on the variety of current topics. You have to be able to utilize this knowledge and speak whenever an opportunity comes to you.
  2. Watching: it will be helpful for improving pronunciation and vocabulary. Watching movies or TV shows is a great way for you to improve your English especially your listening and speaking skills. You can do it in your spare time for additional practice.
  3. Listening: This is one of the best and most effective ways to improve your English listening skills and also you can gain speaking fluency and better pronunciation. Are you sick of learning English with boring textbooks if so you can really maximize your time by listening to good English music or radio stations. It will also be helpful for improving the tone of native English speakers.
  4. Use dictionary: it is very good in improving your vocabulary. The best dictionary available is oxford dictionary for learning English. It covers A-Z words with full details in Hindi or you can use any other language which is comfortable for you. Try to read daily fifteen to twenty words from dictionary and try to use those words in your daily communication.
  5. Speaking: it is the best way to improve communication. Try to speak in English with your friends, family and relatives. Speaking more and more will make you fluent in English communication. We are more comfortable with our friends and family so practicing with them will be very easy for us. It will also be helpful to them for learning English.
  6. Chatting: it will be helpful in improving your English pronunciation and vocabulary. Now-a-days chatting is one of the routing habit of everyone to communicate with friends, family, colleagues or relatives. Try to do mobile-chat, group-chat or video-chat in English. So that it will improve your speaking and writing skills.
  7. Join a coaching: If you are new to English language and knows nothing about English then you have to join nearby English coaching Institute so that you can learn basic grammar, sentence formation and composition of English. They train you from the basics of English to the advanced English. They give you complete package with all the learning material and various practice sessions along with DVDs.
  8. Practicing: practice will make you feel more confident to communicate fluently in English. Along with the coaching, practicing is must to attain fluency in communication. You can practice through group discussion with your friends or colleagues or you can participate in debate, extempore or you can give speech on any topic.
  9. Writing: It will improve your writing skills and also you will find it interesting to do. You can write about your personal events, information or memories in your diary.
  10. Blogging: You can also earn little amount of money through your blogger account. if you are fond of writing then you can make your blog account on blogger.com. you can write various articles in your blogs on any topic of your interest.

Hope you will follow these ten tips to improve your English communication and I believe it will totally improve your communication. If you want to send me your suggestions then mail me on shalu@learnbywatch.com.

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