What is Karnaugh map

In this video you will learn about making K-Map of-
1. 2-variables K-Map,
2. 3-variables K-Map and
3. 4-variables K-Map,
4. SOP & POS form simplification,
5. don’t care conditions

K-Map is one method to simplify boolean expression, what are the other methods to simplify boolean expression?
There are three methods which are used for the simplification or minimization of Boolean expression:
  1. Boolean Algebra (Suitable when no. of variables are 2 or 3)
  2. K-Map (more simplified method then Boolean Algebra and suitable up to 5 & 6 variables)
  3. Tabular Method or Quine- McCluskey (Suitable when no .of variable are more 5 &6)
What do we simplify boolean expressions?
We simplify Boolean expression to reduce the hardware requirement during the circuit implementation. Smaller expression will require less no of gate or Hardware.

Raj Kumar Thenua

I am passionate about teaching Engineering concepts. I am B.Tech , M.Tech (ECE) , GATE & NET Qualified, with 12+ years of teaching experience and recipient of BEST TEACHER Award by Sharda Group of Institutions (SGI) .

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