Add contact form in Drupal 7

After watching this video you are able to:

  • Whenever you want to add new functionality in your website, Go to the modules which extends the site functionality.

    To add contact in your website:

    • Go to modules, it will open overlay and list of various modules
    • Search contact module in list and check them
    • Click on save configuration
    • It will enable contact on your Drupal website

    Always remember that after enable, should configure the module.

    • configuration option will be on same page, configure them
    • Contact form has been created in your website.

    There can be different categories in single modules, if you want to add categories in contact module:

    • Open configure option and click on Add category
    • Fill the category, you want in module
    • In recipient you can add more then one E-mail Id, on which you want mail information
    • If your answer for mail is same, you can enter your answer in Auto-reply
    • There will be a select option, it select by default category for your module

    Go to contact page, now it will also ask you for category.

    By this you can add different different categories in single module and can extends your website functionality through modules.


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