Dr. Yogendra Pal

Ph.D. (IIT Bombay), M.Tech., B.Tech. (CSE) Dr. Yogendra Pal finished his Ph.D. from Educational Technology department at IIT Bombay. Mr. Pal holds B.Tech. and M.Tech. Degrees in Computer Science and Engineering. His interests include programming, web development, graphic design and educational technology.

LM35 Temperature Sensor with Arduino Uno

In this project, we are going to connect Temperature Sensor (LM35) with Arduino Uno. We will write two programs.  The first program will read sensor value and print it on serial monitor. Second program will convert sensor value to celsius and print it. Hardware required to make this project Arduino Uno: https://amzn.to/2MHkeOl Temperature Sensor: https://amzn.to/355DgnF …

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Dr. Yogendra Pal’s Podcast

Your Success is My Success

Welcome to Dr. Yogendra Pal’s Podcast Join WhatsApp Group मेरे पोडकास्ट WhatsApp पर पाने के लिए Click Here to Join Group Episode 5: 15 June 2018 Episode 4: 14 June 2018 Episode 3: 12 June 2018 Episode 2: 11 June 2018 Episode 1: 10 June 2018

What is Time Class ?

You learned about how to create class, objects and how to use them in C plus plus program. This video will show you an example of class. We will create a class to represent Time.

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