Block basics of Drupal 7

After watching this video you will be able to:

  • Whenever you create a new menu, Drupal create a block for it and you have to place it on your website. But How?

    • Go to structure then blocks(here you can manage your website’s block)
    • It will open a page where you can see which block exists in which region
    • Go to side bar first region, there will be three blocks:
      • Search block
      • Nevigation block
      • And login block

    The block for your new menu will be in desable at the bottom.

    • Select your menu and click on it’s dowpdown menu to select in which region you want to put it.
    • It’s color will be yellow untill you save it.
    • Click on save blocks

    Now go to the website and check, it will be appearing on your website.
    Its depends on you, where you want to place the blocks and howmany blocks are in your theme.
    If you want to know how many blocks are in your theme?

    • Go to structure then block
    • There will be a option Demonstration block regions
    • Click on this links
    • It will open a new page, you can see all the blocks in yellow color
    • For exit, click on Exit block region demonstration

    So you can add more blocks and can also be remove the blocks from your website.
    If you want to remove any block:

    • GO to structure then blocks
    • Go to the drop down of block and select none in it
    • It will remove from your website

    Can we create blocks yourself? yes, we can create:

    • Go to structure then blocks
    • Click on add block link
    • It will open a form
    • Fill the form and select text formats
    • Select the region, where you want to show in website

    If you want to make changes or Edit in blocks, you can edit through configure setting.
    And it is also possible to show the blocks without titles, by typing ” in block title.


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