Creating content in Drupal 7

After watching this video you will be able to :

  • When you open your Drupal website first time, it show in content area:
      • Welcome to ‘your website name’
      • No front page content has been created yet
      • Add new content

    So to create a content, click on add new content:-

        • It will open new overlay and there will be two option :
        • Article: use article when you are creating a time sensitive content like news etc.
        • Basic page: use basic pages for your static content
      • click on basic page :
        • it will open a form, filled this page and it will create a basic page
        • Give the title
        • Write the content in body
        • Go to publishing option at the bottom and click
        • it will open three options:
          • published: if check it it will show to all
          • promoted to front page: if you check this, your content will show on front page
        • Save it
        • Now check your front page, front page will open with your content
      • if your content is not showing on front page, you can find your content by find content in grey bar and can edit it.

    Now to ADD new primary menu to your content:

      • Edit the content and go to the menu setting at bottom
      • And check a link ‘Provide a link’
      • Give the title and description
      • Select a main menu in parent menu
      • Select a wait: to palace it
      • Save it and go to home page

    It will create a button with title name.
    Now set URL path of your content page, which is looking now like node/1.
    To set URL path :

    • Edit your content
    • Go to URL path setting
    • In URL alias : write your content’s title
    • save and check, path will appear with title name

    Now see other option:-
    Revision information: here you can create such content whose previous content want to save.
    Comment setting: if you want that user comment on your content, check on open otherwise close.
    And if your want to make a content first always at screen, edit the content and check the ‘Sticky at top of list’
    in publishing option.

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