Drupal 7 sub theme installation

After watching this video you are able to :

  • Themes are of two types : Theme & Sub-theme.
    If you installed a Sub-theme, you have to installed its parent or master theme.

    To installed a Sub-theme :

    • GO to the drupal.org
    • GO download & extract and then theme tag
    • And then filter the theme according to your Drupal version
    • Select a theme and open it in new window
    • You can search anything related theme, in given links in Resours block on left side bar

    Base themes are those theme on which some sub-theme can be developed on its bases.

    • Open a base theme and there will be a dropdown for sub-theme, search a sub-theme
    • You can search theme by typing the theme name in theme filter
    • Open sub-theme in new window and can see its demo
    • And download the theme and extract the downloaded file
    • Copy the folder and paste it in the sites/all/theme directory

    Now if enable this theme in your website without downloaded its parent theme, it will give error massage on website.

    • So download its parent theme and extract downloaded file
    • Copy the extracted file and paste it in same directory sites/all/theme
    • After error massage, if you are unable to reach admin page? Type in address ‘/admin’, it will open admin window
    • And now enable the its parents theme from the disable theme
    • Now go to home page and check, theme is working properly

    And if you want to change the base theme setting, you can change its setting through setting link available.
    Whenever you installed a new theme, you want to change block setting :

    • Go to appearance then blocks and can set according to you

    Important- Whenever you download a theme, read its description carefully and fulfill its requirements properly.


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