Editing menus in Drupal 7

After watching this video you are able to :

  • If you want to add contact or other page in primary menu:

      • Go to structure and click on menus option

    It will open four option :

      • Main menu
      • Management menu
      • Navigation
      • User menu
    • Click on Add link in main menu
      • Give the main menu title like ‘Contact Us’
      • Give path of contact us page (No need of ‘/’ in path)
      • Give the description
      • Check enable
      • choose the wait for menu position and save the page

    It will open a list link page of this menu items, here you can set the positions of your menu by simply drag & drop.
    You can also add link in main menu for your content by following same process.
    You can also add link in secondary menu.

    To add link in secondary menu :

    • Go to structure/menu
    • Now go to the user menu
    • And follow same process and save them
    • It will add a menu item in secondary menu

    You can also add link in navigation menu:

    • Go to structure/menu
    • Go to the navigation menu
    • And enable the menu and save them

    The link for admin work can be add through management menu. It contains the menus acquired by Admin.


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