Finally found a wonderful text editor for web developers

Recently I have announced starting a new course named “Yogi’s Guide to HTML”. Since this course is supposed to be the first step for a student who want to become a web developer I want to deliver this course with easy steps.

Text-editor plays an important role when it comes to developing websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Obviously, I want to start with the basic text editor like notepad because it will help beginners to understand that web development does not need heavy tools and learn the complete workflow of making a web page.

Once, these two learning objectives are fulfilled I want them to use a text-editor that will help them to focus on development as I want them to be a web developer. So, I was looking for an excellent text editor that saves time by autocomplete the code and preview the code in the web browser instantly.

I searched the internet and tried several editors recommended by other web developers. Notepad++ and Sublime Text are already installed on my laptop. These editors are powerful and have code-intelligence, code highlighter and other useful stuff, but I was looking for a text-editor that is made especially for web developers.

Mainly I was looking for a feature that allows seeing the changes directly on the web browser. This will save a lot of time in switching between the text editor and the browser.

Neither Notepad++ nor Sublime text has this feature although both of these are quite rich in features but not suitable for my requirement. My search stopped when I found an excellent text editor made (crafted) for web designers and front-end developers. This tool is named Brackets.

Brackets is a free, open-source code editor for the web. Hence, focuses only on three languages HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Developers of this tool really love these three languages and used only these languages to develop Brackets itself.

As this is an open-source tool and build using HTML, CSS and JavaScript this also means you can contribute to the development of Brackets if you know these languages.

Three things make it stand out from the crowd. 1) Minimal interface, 2) Live preview and 3) Preprocessor support. I will talk about these features in another article.

If these features are not enough, then you can extend the functionality of Brackets with extensions. You can also change the look & feel with themes.

Now, I am going to use this to teach HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap. If you are a student who want to become a web developer or a professional web developer, this tool will make your job easier. Install it today and let me know how did you find it?

If you know about any other text editor that provide live preview feature, please let me know in the comment.


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