First Look of Windows 8

Few days back I installed #Windows8 for developers version on my wife’s new #laptop. I always want to try something new so I installed it and give it to her. She is not a tech savvy person and she start complaining that it’s very inconvenient to use windows 8. I ask her to use it for at least a week so that she can find herself comfortable with it.

Here are her some complains about windows 8

  1. Windows 8 do not boot to #StartMenu: Yes it’s true. In windows 8 everything is an #app hence #desktop is also a app. So, if you want to go to desktop you need to choose desktop app from the start menu. Windows 8 boots to start menu.
  2. No Start Menu: Actually she didn’t recognize start menu is there but it’s size is increased to full screen and windows 8 boots to start menu. When you start windows 8 you will see a screen with lot’s of apps. this screen is called start menu. If you want to come to this start menu from desktop or some other app simply press windows button from your keyboard.
  3. I can’t see my installed programs: First of all forget #program or #software start saying #app. All #applications that you install on windows 8 make it’s shortcut in start menu, so if you want to run it you have to go to start menu and simply click on it. When you have to many applications you can group them in various categories.
  4. There is no close option for playing songs or movies: Yes it’s true you wont see a close button in the default apps that comes with windows 8 but no problem you can always close them simply by pressing pause button. This is similar to any smartphone you do not close the application you just pause the music. Paused video or audio do not consume computer resources.

Here are the list of things that she likes on windows 8

  1. Boot & shut down time: She has a dual core laptop with 3 GB RAM and her laptop starts as switching on light and shuts down at similar speed. She do not need to wait more than one second to shut down or start the machine.
  2. Look and feel (Graphics): She likes the color scheme of windows 8 very attractive. Start menu is completely colorfull and when it comes to other apps like video player, audio player it looks very energetic. She likes the look of slider of audio and video player very much.

I hope this review will be beneficial to you. I think we should always try for something new so upgrade your pc now to windows 8.

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