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I keep getting calls from students inquiring about the programming language they should learn for better placement or a better future. Although I keep giving answers to their queries but it’s not always possible for me to give correct answer especially when they are talking about new technologies.

There is a way to make the answer yourself with the aid of internet. An old trick is to check many job sites to compare the job availability between the two technologies and based on the results you can choose your path. Personally, I don’t use this trick because sometimes it’s difficult to estimate the number of jobs for a technology.

I use Google trends to compare among various technologies. You can compare maximum 5 keywords at once. The results of Google trends are based on the searches made on Google. For me it’s the fastest way to know the demand or requirement of a technology. Let’s see how I use it.

One of my relative called me yesterday. She wants to choose between .Net & JAVA. In order to answer her I opened Google trends and clicked explore alternatively you can directly open Google trends explore.

In the search box I typed c programming, C++, .Net, java. As you know these four are the most popular programming language. C and C++ are the must to learn. Although searching about .Net & Java were enough but I included C and C++ to know how these are trending.

I used the keyword ‘c programming’ instead of just ‘c’ because it’s a single letter that might not point to the c programming language.

You can see the result graph here.

Green line is representing Java and yellow one is representing .Net. As you can see that since2004 the searches made for JAVA is much more than searches made for .Net. So I recommend JAVA to my relative over .Net.

Although I get my answer but I added one more keyword in the list. It was ‘android’ and the results are given in the graph shown below.

Violet line is representing the trend of android. As you can see that search starts for Android in 2009 and it’s at the top than any other technology now. This graph says that android is the technology that is currently in demand higher than any other technology. So, in current scenario it will be beneficial if you learn Android and JAVA both.

‘Google trends’ shows the trend of any keyword. It calculates the trend from the write ups and searches done for that keyword. So next time if you will have same question just use this technique.

Hope this knowledge will be helpful for you.

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