How to learn Programming?

Learning Programming is same as learning a new game. Let’s take an example of chess. If you want to learn to play chess which method will you choose, I will give you two options-

First Option: Read and understand all the rules of chess. Revise them twice a day. Write them and check for any mistake. Finally a day will arrive when you can say that you know all rules of chess. That golden day challenge your friend for one game and bet 2000 – 4000 Rs. on that game. Don’t smile, read second option.

Second Option: After reading all the rules, play chess with your friend (without bet). While playing you will realize that it’s not enough to know all the rules of this game, too many things are still unknown and to learn them you have to play chess, nobody can teach you these things. You need to play this game again and again to become a master of chess.

Learning programming is same as learning chess. Rules & syntax can be taught, we can show you some examples, best practices but the left part can’t be taught. You need to learn that portion yourself.

To become a master of programming you need to solve 100’s of programming problems, read and analyze source code written by others, run and compile that source code on your own and if necessary make some changes in that source code and analyze difference.

In my next blog post I will talk about steps one need to follow to learn programming. If you want to ask something post it in comment, I will try to answer that question in my next blog post.

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