Installing Drupal 7 on local machine

After watching this video you are able to:

  • Learn to install drupal on local web server.

    For creating a website :-

      -You should know different type of language

    • Write a code for website
    • Put your code on web server
      • Some codes are same in websites as:

      • Code for login
      • Code for search etc.

    These are common and its codes are same on almost websites.

      If you want to create a community website, there will some common things like :

    • Login
    • Search
    • Primary menu
    • Themes and so on.

    So you can download this code from Drupal website.
    You can get information about drupal, search related to drupal, can add functionality and can change look & feel
    of your website form theย is external).

      There will be a link ‘Get started with Drupal’ click on this link:-

    • First step will be – Download Drupal
    • you can download Drupal.
    • you can download Drupal code, which must be available on Drupal website otherwise website will not work.
      • Green color Drupal code:- these are recommanded to use
      • Pink color Drupal code :- Not tested codes, if you are developer you can use it.

    Drupal is open source CMS.

    • Do uncompressed the downloaded code.
    • After uncompressed, you should copy this code in XAMPP directory HTDOCS folder.
    • And rename the folder name.
      • To install Drupal :-

      • Start any browser (and XAMPP server must be started)
      • Now type localhost/rename, press enter
      • Appear a screen to download Drupal
      • Select standard (press save & continue at every step)
      • Select language
      • Select apporprite option and press save and continue at evey step
          It will ask you about set up database :
        • Every dynamic website work on a database.

        • Select MYSQL database and create a database

    To create a database:

        • Go to XAMPP control pannel
        • Click on php myadmin
        • Php myadmin control pannel will open where you can create database.
      • Go back to the setup database option and complete it.
      • After installation complete configuration option and configure your website.

    Now you can visite your website on

    • “localhost/rename”

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