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How to build self-confidence

In this Video, Mrs. Shalu Pal will explain about “How to build Self-confidence” along with 10 simple steps. Hope you will like it!

How to Gamify your Study?

You can make your study enjoyable and engaging using gamification techniques. Games uses points, scores, badges, progress bar and virtual currency to keep you engage

How to develop X Factor?

X factor is factor that shows that you have extra knowledge. This extra knowledge helps you to gain confidence and fame among your circle. This

How to concentrate on mind?

This is the portion of this video: in which Dr. Yogendra Pal described the ways to improve your concentration for studies. This video presents

How to Manage and Utilize the Time

Effective utilization of time is very important for a student. One who can use maximum time to study can perform better than other students. Engineering

Facts of Competitive Examinations

Are you preparing for competitive examination? If your answer is yes, You should know some facts during the preparation. This video will help you in

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