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What is a WebSite

In previous video Dr. Yogendra Pal told you a story of a girl Aastha who want to learn website development. This is the first video delivered to Aastha to teach what is a website. After watching this video you will be able to 1.) Define a website. 2.) Define webpage. 3.) Differentiate between a website

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Types of Websites: Static and Dynamic website

There are two types of websites static website and dynamic website. Static website is made of static web pages and dynamic website is made of dynamic web pages. The content of a static web page do not change till a webmaster change it. On the other hand content of a dynamic webpage depends on various

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Virtualmin Control Panel Interface

In this video you will understand the interface of webmin / virtualmin control panel. Webmin interface is very simple but very powerful. If you want to know how to access webmin control panel watch our previous video: https://youtu.be/9V_HF5nfa50

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How to Access public_html Directory on Webmin

After watching this video you are able to: After you logged in to webmin control panel. Go to webmin modules > File manager under webmin tab. File manager module allow you to create, edit, upload new files, directories. Go to public_html folder and create an index.html file. This will now display the index.html file in

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Create an Email Account using Webmin

Are you still using gmail, yahoo, rediffmail or other services as your email account? You can create email account for your domain name easily from webmin / virtualmin. This video will show you steps to create an email account for your domain name using webmin. It will also show you how to send and read

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How to make a Static Website

Static websites are easy to make and easy to maintain. You need to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make a beautiful and interactive static website. You can create a static website by creating static webpages. You can create a static web page with the help of Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML. HTML decides

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How to setup localhost or web development environment using XAMPP

Localhost or local web development environment allow you to develop and test a website on your desktop or laptop. Once you finished developing your website, you can easily deploy it on a web server. localhost allow you to test various CMSs or create your own website. I am going to teach you everything related to

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Install Drupal 8 in Hindi or any other language

Drupal is available in many languages. Default installation language is English but you can install drupal in other languages also. In this video Dr. Yogendra Pal explained how to install drupal 8 in Hindi but you can choose other language of your choice. “Yogi’s Guide to Drupal 8 Basics” ( Join: goo.gl/oHR6v5 ) is a

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Book module in Drupal 7

Here we will learn about Book module in Drupal: Go to module page Check the book module in list of modules and click on save configuration Book module will be installed in your website. It allow user to create an organized related content in an outline. Now go to the home page and click on

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Poll module in Drupal 7

Here we know about the poll modules. As we know whenever we talk about modules or function, we have to go modules: It will show all modules enabled as well as disabled module also There will be a poll modules which would be disable If you want to enable it then checked it and save

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