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User management in Drupal 7 part-5

Here we learn to create new roles? like manager, teacher, student and so on. To create new roles : Go to people then permission tab and then role tab Now type a role name in text box, and click on add role button Your role will be created and then you can set its permission

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User management in Drupal 7 part-4

Here we know about the roles, where the needs of roles? When we create a account, we create categories in the account through roles We can set limitations in the accounts by define its roles like some accounts has approval for only blog writing which can not do anything instead of blog writing So we

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User management in Drupal 7 part-3

If you want to change account settings: Go to configuration and then Account settings Anonymous user is the user which has no account in website, can change its name like guest And can set setting according to you, for which you want to permit users You can also set personalized setting, in which you can

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User management in Drupal 7 part-2

User management is necessary for all kind of websites. As an administrator you need to manage user account, control who can create account on your website, block users, change their roles and much more.. In this video we will learn about the user account management in Drupal. It’s a long topic so videos are divided

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User management in Drupal 7 part-1

Here we learn to manage the user on our Drupal website like how user can create account? First thing is that which user has permission to create an account? If you want to open an account : Go to website and click on link ‘create new account’ Enter Username and email id and click on

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Add blog to Drupal 7

How we can add blogging functionality in Drupal website? Go to modules There will be a module for blog, enable it and click on save configure Now blogging facility is enable in our website. Now we learn, How can we write a blog? Go to add content There will be three links, click on blog

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Drupal 7 Core modules part-2

Drupal 7 comes with some core modules in this video I will explain the use of most of them. I will not explain how to configure these modules. I just explain it’s functionality.

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Drupal 7 Core modules

After watching this  video you will be able to: If you want to add some functionality in your website : Go to modules, Code group will show you. These modules are those which is downloaded with Drupal. And the additional modules downloaded by you is called contributed modules Here we know about all modules available

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Drupal 7 Contributed theme installation

After watching this video you will be able to : You can also set more different themes to the available themes. How? Go to appearance There will be a Alternative theme link, open it in new tab It will open the page-‘drupal.org/project/themes’, there will be 1662 themes available Now you have to filter the theme

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Drupal 7 theme basics

After watching this video you will be able to: We use to change look & feel of website, is called theme. Here we are talking about appearance of our website. If you want to change look & feel : Go to appearance, it will open a page having two tab list and setting: In list,

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