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Non-Inverting Amplifier

A Non-Inverting Amplifier is an op-amp circuit designed provide positive voltage gain. The input is directly applies to non-inverting terminal.This video will help you...

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Base Biased Amplifier

Amplifier is an electronic circuit which increases the strength of a weak electrical signal without changing its shape.This video will help you to understand...

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Laboratory Power Supplies

Laboratory Power Supplies are used to provide DC voltage.This video will help you to understand the concept of regulated power supply and unregulated power...

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Non Inverting Amplifier Numerical

This video will help you to understand the numerical based on Non Inverting Amplifier.An operational amplifier is an active element designed to perform mathematical...

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Numerical on Voltage Divider Bias circuit

This video will help you to understand the numerical based on Voltage Divider Bias circuit.The JFET is one of the simple type of field-effect...

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Semiconductor intrinsic and extinsic

Conductor, Insulator, and Semiconductor either intrinsic or extrinsic semiconductor. All are the basics of electronics engineering. So, I believe that you should learn about...

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Direct Method of FM Generation

In this method, frequency modulation is done by using a voltage controlled oscillator.This video will help you to understand that which devices is used...

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Differential Pulse Code Modulation (DPCM)

DPCM is a signal encoder that uses the baseline of pulse-code modulation but adds some functionalities based on the prediction of the samples of...

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Signal to Quantization Noise Ratio (SQNR)

It is the ratio of signal power to quantization noise power.This video will help you to understand the use of Signal to Quantization Noise...

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Adaptive delta modulation

Adaptive delta modulation is the modified version of delta modulation, to overcome slope overload distortion and granular noise in delta modulation, adaptive delta modulation...

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