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LM35 Temperature Sensor with Arduino Uno

In this project, we are going to connect Temperature Sensor (LM35) with Arduino Uno. We will write two programs.  The first program will read...

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Home Security Arduino Project – Open and Close Door lock via SMS and RFID

About this Home Security Arduino Project This home security Arduino project open and close door load via SMS and RFID. This guide will help you...

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How to get job after graduation?

If you believe in reports, unemployment is increasing. But, if you talk to a business owner, they will tell you that they don't find...

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Solved Computer Awareness Questions for competition with Explanation – Part 1

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Initialize One-Dimensional Array in C Programming

There are four different ways to initialize one-dimensional array in c programming. 1. Initialize array at the time of declaration One way is to initialize one-dimentional...

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Improve handwriting with 5 simple tips?

Good handwriting is important to score well in academics.  You might be good in study and may have a good grasp on your subject....

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Dr. Yogendra Pal’s Podcast

Welcome to Dr. Yogendra Pal's Podcast Introduction to Dr. Yogendra Pal Podcast Join WhatsApp Group मेरे पोडकास्ट WhatsApp पर पाने के लिए Click Here to Join GroupEpisode 5:...

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Saturated Solution – Can water dissolve any amount of a substance?

Today, Vandana challenged me about a science project. I got to know about saturated solutions because of her challenge.I believed that a fixed amount...

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What is Time Class ?

You learned about how to create class, objects and how to use them in C plus plus program. This video will show you an...

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What is return statement in CPP

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