Digital Storytelling using Vyond Course

Vyond is a webservice that allows you to make 2D animation easily. At LearnByWatch, we made a lots of educational video tutorials using Vyond. There are certain things that you need to know before you start creating educational videos. We are going to cover all of these things in this course. After completing this course, you will be able to create story based 2D Animation / Educational scenario.

Registration are open for 11 October to 23 October 2021 batch 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM
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Digital Stories Created using Vyond

These videos are created using Vyond by the instructor of this course. You can make similar videos after completing this course.

There are total 11 Modules in this course

Vyond Accounts

Learning objectives of module 1

  • Explain various plans of vyond
  • Select correct plan as per your requirement
  • Take a decision on when to by a plan
  • Create an account with trial account
  • Upgrade / downgrade a plan

Style of videos

Learning objectives of module 2

  • Explain the difference among available styles of video
  • Select appropriate style as per your requirement

Video Management

Learning objectives of module 3

  • Search among your available videos
  • Create folders to manage projects
  • Filter videos from dashboard or folder to find them

Vyond editor Interface

Learning objectives of module 4

  • Explain various elements of Vyond editor interface
  • Explain about scene
  • Explain timeline
  • Explain about left side toolbar
  • Explain about right side toolbar
  • Enable or disable grids and safe area in scene
  • Run a preview of animation
  • Save the project
  • Come back to your videos screen


Learning objectives of module 5

  • Add a character to a scene
  • Search available characters from vyond library
  • Apply an action on a character
  • Apply an expression on a character
  • Add dialog using laptop mic
  • Add dialog using text to speech
  • Add dialog by uploading audio from laptop
  • Add dialog from an existing audio
  • Add an enter and exit effect on a character
  • Add a motion path to a character
  • Replace a character

Style of videos

Learning objectives of module 6

  • Add a scene from existing templates
  • Continue last scene
  • Add blank scene
  • Add a background to scene
  • Add background color to a scene
  • Add scene transition
  • Increase or decrease scene duration
  • Autofit scene duration
  • Replace a scene


Learning objectives of module 7

  • Add a camera to a scene
  • Add camera movement for whole scene duration
  • Add camera movement for custom duration
  • Remove camera movement
    apply continue last scene while camera movement is enabled


Learning objectives of module 8

  • Search prop from library
  • Add a prop to scene
  • Remove a prop from scene
  • Change prop properties
  • Apply an enter effect on prop
  • Apply an exit effect on prop
  • Add motion path to props
  • Replace a prop


Learning objectives of module 9

  • Add background music to timeline
  • Add multiple background music to timeline
  • Change volume of an audio
  • Apply fade effect on an audio
  • Add sound effect
  • Split audio
  • Crop audio in timeline
  • Add audio by uploading audio from laptop
  • Add audio from library
  • Replace audio


Learning objectives of module 10

  • Add text to scence
  • Change text properties like font, size, alignment etc
  • Change text color
  • Add enter effect to text
  • Add motion path to text
  • Add exit effect to text
  • Add text from library


Learning objectives of module 11

  • Add counter chart
  • Add line chart
  • Add pie chart
  • Add proportional ring chart
  • Add vertical stacked bar chart
  • Add repeating prop chart
  • Add filling prop chart
  • Change properties of a chart
  • Add enter exit effect on chart
  • Add motion path to chart
Frequently Asked Questions

This 11 days online course costs 499/- per student.

No, we don't offer any refund. 

This certificate is currently available globally in Hindi. We are working on adding English language soon. Please check back here for updates.

Basic computer knowledge is required. No prior animation knowledge required. You must have a laptop / desktop with trial / full account of Vyond to learn from this course.

Stories allows us to express our self.  If a student can create a story from his/her own thoughts, it will boost his/her confidence. Exposure to tool like Vyond will improve the creativity of a kid. We have created this program for children of age 07 - 18.

Certificate of Achievement
Build the Skills to Tell Your Story

Whether you’re looking to teach a topic using story, or want to produce a web series, this Certificates on Digital Storytelling using Vyond help you achieve that. Learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for you. Start learning from today and apply for a certificate when you are ready.

Earn a Career Credential

This course consists of 11 Modules and 6 Challenges.

Upon completion of all quiz and challenge you become eligible to earn a Certification of Achievement that represents that you have developed Vyond skills to convert an story to an animation.

Certification of Achievement is generated after manual review of all challenges  submitted by you. It takes minimum 2 working days to generate a certificate of achievement after you submit all quizzes and challenges and register for certificate by paying minimum INR 499.

Hands-On Projects

Course challenges give you chance to apply your skills with hands-on projects and build a portfolio that showcases your Vyond Skills. You’ll need to successfully finish the course challenges to earn your Certificate of Achievement.

Apply for Certification

Fill this form and place an order to get a certificate of participation in certification course on Digital Storytelling using Vyond.

Kanchan Chaudhary

Kanchan Chaudhary

Kanchan Chaudhary (B.Tech. CSE) is working as explainer video creator in ETmantra eLearning Solutions. She has created video for ETmantra, LearnByWatch, TicTac Learn, CALP Training, Kahaniyo ki Nagri and many more YouTube channels.

Course Features
Shareable Certificate

Earn a Certificate upon completing all quizzes.

100% online courses

Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.

Flexible Schedule

Set and maintain flexible deadlines.

Beginner Level

No degree or prior experience required

Approximately 5 days to complete

Suggested pace of 2 hours/day


Language of instructions and quizzes is English.

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