User management in Drupal 7 part-1

Here we learn to manage the user on our Drupal website like how user can create account?
First thing is that which user has permission to create an account?
If you want to open an account :

    • Go to website and click on link ‘create new account’
    • Enter Username and email id and click on create account
    • There will be a massage, it will tell you that your request is pending for administrator approval

That’s mean every user has permission to send a request for create a account, But without administrator approval, can not create a account.

If you are admin, where you can see the pending request ?

      • Go to people where you can do all work for user management
      • There will be a new user at bottom and its status is blocked, you can see its last access and role of user
      • If you want to allow request or deny, you can do by click on edit in operation
      • And can also perform operation by checking the user and select the operation from dropdown menu, and click on update
      • If admin allow the request, the email will be send and it include the link through which it can change the password
      • If you want to reset the password, click on edit and you can change password or can provide new password

And if you are a visitor the and want to change a your profile, login your account and then click on my account and then can
edit your information.

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