User management in Drupal 7 part-4

Here we know about the roles, where the needs of roles?

  • When we create a account, we create categories in the account through roles
  • We can set limitations in the accounts by define its roles like some accounts has approval for only blog writing which can not do anything instead of blog

So we create different-different type of account by creating categories based on their roles. To assign the role :

  • Go to the people, there will be two tabs.
  • Open the permission tab, it will open a page. And again there will two tabs: Permission & Roles
  • Click on roles, it will open a page and you can see which roles are assigned you
    • Administrator role, means the person which have permission to do everything in website
    • Authenticated user, means it has an account in website but its not an admin
    • Anonymous user, means which has no account in website

Every type of user has different-different level of permission.
From where we can set permission?

  • When you are on the role page, there will show name, operation and a link ‘edit permission’
  • Click on ‘edit permission’, it will open a page where you can set permissions

If you want to set all types of user’s permissions together:

  • Go to the first tab of page ‘permission’.
  • And here you set the permission for all roles.

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